Real Estate Disputes

Are you moving into a new office space? Do you need to get out of your existing lease or evaluate your rights when your landlord does not act responsibly?

Mr. Kuykendall can:

  • Evaluate your lease to determine your rights and responsibilities and negotiate leases
  • Negotiate with your existing landlord over disputes or disagreements
  • Represent you in every aspect of the landlord tenant relationship

Has your neighbor or neighborhood association threatened to sue you for a breach of restrictive covenants? Do you want to take action to prevent a violation of your restrictive covenants?

Mr. Kuykendall has represented homeowners and neighborhood associations in:

  • Enforcing restrictive covenants
  • Defending claims that those covenants have been violated

His experience includes representation in jury trials and in managing the amendment and enforcement of those covenants. Have you been notified that the city, county or other political subdivision intends to take your property by eminent domain? Mr. Kuykendall has successfully handled the eminent domain process, including a jury trial representing the Dallas Area Rapid Transit.

Mr. Kuykendall has also represented homeowners and remodelers in litigation involving defective construction and alleged defective construction on personal residences. He has also handled issues involving claimed easements, title problems and fraudulent real estate transactions. Mr. Kuykendall provides efficient and effective real estate contract and litigation representation.