Employment Law

Has your company spent years and substantial sums of money developing a device, application, process, customer list or other trade secret only to have an employee leave your company and begin competing with you with your own property? Have you had an employee who signed a covenant not to compete leave your employment and go to work with a competitor, telling you that “those things aren’t enforceable anyway?”

Similarly, have you hired an employee from a competitor and had the previous employer threaten your company with a lawsuit for violating that company’s rights? Have allegations been made that your new employee has taken the trade secrets of his previous employer and that you are liable for that as well?

Mr. Kuykendall has years of experience in seeking injunctive relief to protect your interests when an employee has improperly taken your confidential trade secrets or gone into competition with you despite having signed a covenant not to compete. He also has years of experience representing companies who have been accused of violating the rights of a previous employer, whether through a covenant not to compete or the allegation that that employee has taken trade secrets to his new employer. You do not have to sit back and watch your time, investment and competitive advantage be used against you. But it is important to know what you can and cannot do, and what results to expect. If you are in the position of wanting to enter into a covenant not to compete with your employee, it is also important to know how a covenant should be structured, because if it is not structured properly, it will not be enforceable. Similarly, not every employer alleging violation by your new employee of a previous employer’ rights is correct in their assertion. In either of these situations, a proper analysis of your rights is critical in knowing how to respond. Mr. Kuykendall has extensive experience in these types of claims.

Have you had discrimination claims filed against you or been visited by a Wage Hour investigator from the Department of Labor? Mr. Kuykendall has successfully handled these types of claims and others involving:

  • Workmen’s compensation retaliation
  • Age discrimination
  • Other discrimination
  • Unemployment claims
  • Payday law claims

Knowing how to respond to these issues can save you tens of thousands of dollars. And often how to respond is nothing you can learn in a book. It comes from experience. Mr. Kuykendall has successfully handled a variety of employment issues over the years. He has also drafted employment contracts and been involved in litigation concerning those contracts. As a result, Mr. Kuykendall has a seasoned perspective on what to include in a contract and how to best represent you when that contract ends up in the courtroom.