Business Law

In running your business and in handling your personal affairs you sometimes need to consult with legal counsel. This consultation may involve:

  • Drafting or interpreting a contract
  • Negotiation and resolution of employment issues
  • Selling a product for which you want to retain a security interest
  • Protecting your lien rights for goods sold or services provided
  • Any number of other matters

When such a situation arises, calling a business law attorney is very often the most cost effective business decision you can make.

With nearly 41 years of business law experience, Jack Kuykendall brings a wealth of knowledge of what is important in handling difficult situations. Paramount in such situations is how to avoid litigation. Almost always, avoiding litigation is the wisest choice, and Mr. Kuykendall will always strive to take the best, most cost effective course of action for his client. Over the years, Mr. Kuykendall has negotiated and drafted many commercial contracts covering many different issues. He has worked extensively with:

  • Uniform Commercial Code filings and other UCC issues
  • Construction issues
  • Lien filings
  • Employments issues
  • Loan workouts
  • Collection matters
  • And many other business situations

Working through your business problems with legal counsel is usually the most cost effective way to handle a problem. Knowing how to file a lien or make a bond claim may guarantee you get paid when you otherwise may never be paid. A large percentage of court cases can be avoided before they begin if proper action is taken on the front end. Again, experience and wisdom is handling such situations is critical. Jack M Kuykendall will use his experience and wisdom to reach his client’s goals.