A Texas Lawyer with a Texas Heritage

Kukyendall-FamilyJack was born in Houston, and has a long heritage in Texas. On his father’s side, Jack is a fifth generation Texan dating back to the late 1830s and on his mother’s side, he is a sixth generation Texan dating back to the early 1850s. The first Texas Kuykendall in Jack’s direct line was William Johnson Kuykendall, Jack’s great great grandfather, who is on the bottom row of the picture to the right. His great grandfather, Jim, is standing on the top right side of the picture. On his mother’s side, Shadrach Dixon moved to Texas between 1851 and 1853. His picture is below as well. Shadrach had 22 children, 11 of them born in Texas.

shadrack-dixon-2The Kuykendall name has a long and illustrious history in Texas. The first Kuykendalls came to Texas in 1821, and three Kuykendall brothers were part of the Old Three Hundred original families in the Austin colony. The first head of militia was Abner Kuykendall, one of the brothers. The following is written about the brothers:

Captains Robert and Abner Kuykendall were both dead in 1836 and brother Joe was a cripple. There was a feud between the Kuykendalls and Houston that must have started in Tennessee. The Kuykendalls were going to the rescue of Goliad and the Alamo. Houston threatened court-martial for them and every man who followed them. After those two massacres, because reinforcements did not arrive, the victory of San Jacinto saved Houston and made a hero of him. Even at the battle of San Jacinto he left all the Kuykendalls and their troops, including Capt. Gibson Kuykendall, Abner’s son, at the river guarding the supplies [eleven of them] and only one Kuykendall was in the thick of the 30 minute fight. Had Houston and his forces been routed, those further back guarding supplies would have saved the day, so some historians say. It is said that had not Captain Abner Kuykendall been killed that he, and not Sam Houston, would have been the liberator of Texas, for Abner was over all military forces and had been since the colony was first started, and was [Stephen F.] Austin’s close friend.

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DeerBlindJack and his family spend as much time as they can at their family ranch in the Texas Hill Country, which has been in his family since 1889. He enjoys deer hunting at the Ranch and just relaxing. It is a working cattle ranch today. Jack also enjoys photographing old courthouses in Texas. Some of the pictures he has taken are in the “Contact Us” section.